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Articles of Constitution

The Artciles of Constitution and Foundation to which the World Hoverpod Federation was formed is available for inspection by downloading the file here.

Hoverpod Rules of Safety

The Laws & Rules of  Safety in respect of Hoverpod Racing have been approved and supplied by the Board of Contol in order to assist and provide guidance for all its members . The Board has taken considerable time in ensuring that Safety first is paramount and is the most important rule to consider when using any Hoverpod. Whilst the Board and Team involved have instructed that every precaution possible should be taken to ensure that the equipment used and the race event is  safe and suitable for you, The Board cannot accept responsibility for injuries or accidents outside of their control and as such recommend that all members view and acknowledge the laws of safety which can be downloaded "here".  

Hoverpod Racing Rules

The laws and rules of Hoverpod Racing which are constantly under review  and will be frequently updated  are open for interpretation and debate at all times. The emphasis will be to encourage "Fair Play" and mediate any disputed incidents through the Club Membership and if the need arises a final ruling will be effected by the Board of Control Represetative. The General Rules of which are available as a guidance only can be inspected and downloaded "here".

Laws & Guidance for Officials

Officials and Marshals are empowered to ensure that Safety and Good Conduct is employed at all times. The Marshal s decision is final although can be reviewed and appealed through the Board of Control Representative by utilising the correct procedure of presentation.

Guidance information in respect of instruction and signalling can be downloaded "here".

Information from the Board

The Board of Control and it's members wish to see every  contributor to the Hoverpod Racing program enjoy the time they spend with the Clubs. All Board Members wish to encourage the full use of the facilities at their club and encourage a friendly racing atmosphere for all to enjoy in a safe and fun environment. 








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