Responsibilities & Duties



Responsibilities & Duties


Board of Control

The Board of Control will  approve and appoint one Representative Member from each country participating to represent it's members in the Hoverpod Racing program and who's primary role will be to present & represent it's countries members and their interests.


The Board of Control will always place Safety, Environment and Fairness as a priority with the utmost respect and consideration shown when a requirement or understanding when cultural differences and local customs is needed.


 Purpose & Expectations

The W,H,P,F Representative will be empowered to provide guidance over rules and regulations and expected to ensure every effort is made to mediate an agreement in the event of ruling interpretation is not 100% clear and draw  to the attention of the Board the pending issue at the next appropriate meeting.



Hoverpod Pilot License

Presently technology is being developed to implement a digital Pilot License to be available at the local club & office. The license to be accepted and acknowledged at every Hoverpod Club. The Local Representative Office is responsible for the administration and application of all licenses. An announcement is pending and we advice in the short term to refer to the web site for updates.






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